Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Why It Matters and How It Helps

September 6, 2022

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) and the medical IoMT grow, they depend on connections, networks, and (most importantly) people to keep them running. The best way to keep these growing fields of interconnected tech accessible to everyone is to teach everyone a basic amount of cybersecurity. Once everyone has a grasp on the basics, everything can scale up. This is true for small start up companies with under 20 employees, as well as giant enterprise level corporations who have to scale for employees in the thousands. Let's go back to a few basics this week and review what makes up the building blocks of cybersecurity for 2022.

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Building Defense Proficiency In Healthcare – One Cybersecurity Leader's Tip via HealthcareITNews

What do providers need to do better to protect against cyberattacks? A former healthcare CISO, now leading security strategies at Google Cloud, gives some advice. Ransomware proliferates even as providers continue to make cybersecurity investments to protect their patient data and organizations. So, how can you stay ahead of it? Talk to Idenhaus today to see.

Health-ISAC Provides Zero Trust Security Guidance to Healthcare CISOs via HealthITSecurity

When properly implemented, zero trust security strategies can help healthcare organizations bolster their security efforts. However, the sector faces unique challenges surrounding IoT devices and identity and access management that are worth considering when contemplating zero trust in healthcare. Idenhaus knows zero trust, and we can help you find the right mix to suit your healthcare organization's needs.

Cybersecurity Budget Breakdown and Best Practices via TechTarget

Once a budget is secured, CISOs must figure out where it should be allocated -- as well as how to justify the costs. Get the lowdown on a cybersecurity budget breakdown here. Want a more detailed breakdown? Talk to Idenhaus today for personalized suggestions.

Could International Cyber Conflicts Really Reach U.S. Healthcare? via HealthcareInnovation

Could the cyberwarfare erupting around international political and military conflicts really find its way into U.S. healthcare and affect patient care organizations in this country? The short answer: it already has. See how you can keep future conflicts from affecting your patients by talking to Idenhaus today.

FedRAMP: What Is It, and How Can It Benefit You? via Idenhaus

In the past, we discussed NIST SP 800-171, but what about securing cloud-based products and services? Let’s dig deeper into FedRAMP, what it is and how it can be a great benefit to those who contract, or wish to contract, with the federal government. No matter what your industry, FedRAMP may apply to you. Want to be sure?  Talk to Idenhaus’ experts today!

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