Top Cybersecurity & Identity Management Articles, October 2017

October 11, 2017

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Here are the top Cybersecurity and Access Management articles from October 2017.

Equifax: Umm, actually hackers stole records of 15.2 million Brits, not 400,000  via GrahamCluley

Equifax said that it had not yet started notifying the affected UK consumers because it did not think it was "appropriate".

How to Build an Expert, In-House Identity Management Team  via Idenhaus

It’s not impossible to build a great in-house Identity Management team but it might require a different approach in your company’s hiring and training strategies.

List of Hacker and Cybersecurity Movies, 1969 to 2017  via Steve Morgan

The list of movies about hackers and cybersecurity is compiled annually and updated on the fly.

How to Properly Respond to a Cybersecurity Incident via Idenhaus

A significant factor in any cybersecurity incident is knowing when to react and to what degree. Poor threat intelligence can be a costly distraction for security teams that are short on resources.

Why You Should Gamify Your Cybersecurity Training via Forbes

It’s critical that companies help their employees understand the nuances of cyberthreats, and by giving them a safe place to simulate real-life situations, they are helping to prevent the next big data breach from human error.

Baker Donelson’s CISO Meetup Connects Startups & Decision Makers via AtlantaCyberWeek

Dozens of startups and entrepreneurs got to hear firsthand the challenges of cybersecurity procurement; best practices for navigating the procurement process and tips for ways to build relationships with influencers and decision makers.

Equifax: The Hazards of Dragnet Surveillance Capitalism Part 2: Just Another Data Breach? Or C-Suite Criminal Negligence? via ICIT

The Equifax breach should epitomize the consequences of negligent data brokerage and serve as a wake-up call to similar organizations who profit from dragnet surveillance and the employment of psychographic and demographic Big Data algorithms.

How to stop your devices from listening to (and saving) what you say via USAToday

Virtual assistants are handy, but they’re always listening. You may wonder how much your devices are recording. And what happens to the audio files they gather?


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