Cybersecurity Basics, and Why They Matter

September 6, 2022

It may seem like a simple task for those who know cybersecurity in and out, but explaining concepts like zero trust, authorization, and decentralized identity to those who don't know computers very well can make everyone involved's eyes cross and feel like their brains are about to dribble out of their ears. Here at Idenhaus, we try to make it a fun and enjoyable thing to learn about, no matter what your proficiency in computers, or what industry you're in. Cybersecurity touches every facet of our current lives - barring a select few who probably live very remote and rugged existences, either by choice or by circumstance.

As our Internet of Things (IoT) and the medical IoMT grow, they depend on connections, networks, and (most importantly) people to keep them running. The best way to keep these growing fields of interconnected tech accessible to everyone is to teach everyone a basic amount of cybersecurity. Once everyone has a grasp on the basics, everything can scale up. This is true for small start up companies with under 20 employees, as well as giant enterprise level corporations who have to scale for employees in the thousands. Let's go back to a few basics this week and review what makes up the building blocks of cybersecurity for 2022.

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What Is Decentralized Identity In Blockchain? via CoinTelegraph

What is decentralized identity? It is a self-owned, independent identity that enables trusted data exchange. But what does THAT mean? With centralized identity, you lose control of the personally identifiable information as it is kept in a central repository, which then leads to identity fragmenting over time. Let's explore what blockchain brings to decentralizing identity, and how it can help you go from open season to secured.

Rethinking Network Security: Three Steps to Zero Trust via Spiceworks

Zero Trust (ZT) is one of today’s most critical security protection strategies, but it can also be challenging to implement. Why? Partly because it’s a paradigm shift from how resource access has been approached in recent years but also because it requires action across every security domain. Here are three steps to help you start the journey to ZT and gain some cybersecurity know-how along the way.

Authorization: Why Now & What Next via The Cyber Hut 

Authorization – the what an identity can do, to something, where and when – is becoming “cool” again. Authorization as a term encompasses a broad space, covering access request management, permission management and storage, externalized policy platforms as well as an array of enforcement tools and declarative languages. How can you wrangle all of that, and create a security plan? To start, talk to the experts at Idenhaus about authorization, zero trust, and IAM.

CISA Adds 10 New Flaws To Its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog via SecurityAffairs

CISA added 10 new vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog, including a high-severity security flaw impacting industrial automation software. While it's good to be updated on the latest flaws and how to fix them, it is important to note that some flaws cannot be patched or updated, and affect only products at the end-of-life. Remember: updates, updates, updates.

FedRAMP: What Is It, and How Can It Benefit You? via Idenhaus

In the past, we discussed NIST SP 800-171, but what about securing cloud-based products and services? Let’s dig deeper into FedRAMP, what it is and how it can be a great benefit to those who contract, or wish to contract, with the federal government. No matter what your industry, FedRAMP may apply to you. Want to be sure?  Talk to Idenhaus’ experts today!

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