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September 23, 2021

This week, we explore the new trend of distributed denial of service (ddos) attacks on the healthcare sector,  the major skills gap in healthcare IT cybersecurity training, and more in our healthcare-focused cybersecurity update. 

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Fresh Autumnal Reads for Healthcare IAM Professionals


5 Things to Know About DDoS Attacks in Healthcare via HealthTech Magazine

Cybercriminals use denial of service attacks to overwhelm networks and applications and take them offline. Distributed denial of service attacks go a step further by enlisting the help of botnets, which consist of many servers.

Skills Gap in Healthcare IT Industry Causes Security Threats via HealthcareITNews

According to new research, 40% of healthcare IT staff are missing cyber security expertise while 39% lack essential data protection knowledge.

HHS Warns Health Sector of BlackMatter Attacks via GovInfoSecurity Magazine

Federal regulators are alerting healthcare and public health sector entities of the "elevated threat" for potential ransomware attacks by BlackMatter, despite the gang's purported claims that it is not targeting "critical infrastructure" organizations, such as hospitals.

FTC Reminds Consumer Health Apps of Its Health Breach Notification Rule via Baker Donelson

Recognizing the ever-increasing growth and use of mobile health apps as well as connected devices that capture individuals' health data, the FTC issued a Policy Statement reminding organizations of the reach of its Health Breach Notification Rule.

 Reducing An Organization’s Legal Exposure After a Cyber Breach via Idenhaus

While everyone hopes it will never happen, after a breach occurs, you need to act fast in order to limit your legal exposure post-breach. 

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