Crisp Reading for the Fall Season: IAM Article Roundup

October 5, 2021

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Crisp Reading for the Fall Season: Your IAM Article Roundup for Identity Access and Management Professionals


Op-Ed: Time for an International Standard for Port Cybersecurity via Maritime Executive

Chiming in from an important, and often overlooked cybersecurity sector: Ports. This Op-Ed gives a look into the current lack of oversight and how, using new industry guidelines as a model, requiring port facilities to conduct regular cybersecurity assessments and develop distinct cybersecurity plans can help keep everyone more secure.


Congress is Finally Going Big on Cyber via The Washington Post

After years of minimal effort on major cyber legislation, Congress is suddenly champing at the bit to get big, bold things done. And the government’s top cyber officials are cheering them on. The cause? The wave of economy-rattling ransomware attacks has created a greater sense of urgency about cybersecurity in Washington than ever before.


Is Cybersecurity Insurance Out of Reach for Government? via GovTech

As cyber attacks and ransom demands grow, cybersecurity insurance is becoming increasingly expensive for the insured and the insurer. The upward trajectory in cost has some experts wondering if the cybersecurity insurance market will remain economically viable.


More Than 90% of Q2 Malware Was Hidden in Encrypted Traffic via  Dark Reading

Stay updated! Organizations that have not implemented controls for detecting malware hidden in encrypted network traffic are at risk of having a vast majority of malicious tools being distributed in the wild, hitting their endpoint devices.


Making The Case For Zero Trust  via Idenhaus

Still wondering what the fuss is about for Zero Trust? See why the older models of perimeter security aren't good enough these days, in the age of the cloud and work-from-anywhere. With new frontiers come new threats, and also the chance to expand horizons and create new and wondrous things.


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