Building Cyber Resilience

By Sandhya Sukumar  Organization leaders worldwide are increasingly aware that one single cybersecurity solution does not exist to tackle today’s sophisticated and rapidly evolving cybercrimes. Even with strengthened defenses, threat actors can find weaknesses and vulnerabilities to infiltrate a company’s network and IT Infrastructure. Moreover, modern IT infrastructures are complex, interconnected ecosystems involving multiple organizations […]

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver

What’s the Big Idea: Identity Management Projects that Deliver   By Hanno Ekdahl In the intricate tapestry of modern business, Identity Management (IDM) emerges as a critical thread, weaving together security, efficiency, and user experience. Identity management projects are not mere technical endeavors; they are strategic initiatives that demand a harmonious blend of design, technology, and […]

7 Types of Identity Management Access Controls

7 Types of Identity Management Access Controls

According to the Verizon 2020 Data breach Investigations report, brute force attacks and the use of stolen or lost credentials are the root cause for more than 80% of breaches. This makes having a strong information security program an essential capability for organizations today. Identity and Access Management is a vital part of information security […]

9 Identity Management Articles for Cybersecurity Professionals

9 Identity Management Articles for Cybersecurity Professionals

IAM, APTs, and Self-Sovereign Identity headline this week’s digest of  Identity Management articles for Cybersecurity Professionals. Thanks for checking out this week’s digest of articles for Cybersecurity Professionals. Click here to view the healthcare-focused digest. Peruse our resources for webinars, case studies, infographics, and educational videos. Subscribe to our Identity Management biweekly and/or our Healthcare Cybersecurity and IAM digest, delivered Tuesdays at […]

What is an Identity Management Strategy?

identity management strategy

IAM is more than technology implementation. That’s why you need an Identity Management strategy. On its face, Identity Management (IAM)  appears to be a straightforward exercise. It’s about validating a user’s identity and determining which user should have access to what. Simple, we’ll buy a product, install it, put in a few connectors, and there […]

Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Understanding Common IDM Implementation Pitfalls

Hanno Ekdahl shares common IDM Implementation Pitfalls that organizations should avoid if they want a successful IDM launch, the first time around.   Did you know that over 50 percent of IDM projects fail the first time around? While Identity Management solutions offer a large range of benefits for organizations, the implementation of these solutions […]

Why Your Organization Needs an IAM Roadmap


Hanno Ekdahl, founder of Idenhaus Consulting, provides an overview of why your organization needs an IAM Roadmap prior to kicking off any Identity Management project. Did you know that over half of all Identity Management projects fail the first time? And, even when they are successful, 4 out of 5 executives say they are not […]

7 Must-Read Identity Governance & Cybersecurity Articles, April 2019

Thanks for reading our biweekly roundup of Identity Governance & Cybersecurity newsbites. We curate a diverse selection of IAM, IGA, Role Based Access Control, and Identity Management articles to help you navigate the rapidly-changing IT security landscape. Subscribe to our biweekly newsletter here.   Why Organizations Need an RBAC Security Model via Idenhaus In this post, we discuss why organizations implement role […]

7 Powerful Characteristics of a Strategic IAM Assessment

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems have revolutionized how IT departments and businesses operate. Historically, companies were guilty of using multiple management tools that don’t interact with each other to manage user access from worker onboarding through separation. While this model can work for smaller organizations, it typically leads to bad data quality, processing errors, […]