Taking the pain out of User Onboarding with IAM

When a new employee is hired, setting up access to all files, applications, databases and so on is fundamental, because users cannot do anything without it.  And while you’re at it, don’t forget arranging for parking passes, cardkey access, and permissions to enter certain areas of the building. In short, there is a lot that […]

How do you manage non-employee identities?

We were recently asked this question, and managing Non-Employee Identities is a common challenge for organizations when implementing an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. We work with a wide range of clients across the Fortune 1000 and this is what we have seen: 1) 80% build a home grown web-based registration form that creates […]

Mitigating the High Cost of Forgotten Passwords

Password resets comprise roughly 30% of all Help Desk calls and not only impact worker productivity, but also consume valuable IT resources from your support team. What if your associates could take charge of how they reset their passwords and eliminate unnecessary calls to the Help Desk? Password self-service based on security questions is the […]

Implementing Identity Management – Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

implementing identity management

Can implementing Identity Management (IDM) degrade a company’s provisioning performance? In a word, yes! You may be asking yourself how this is possible when we would expect that linking to the HR system and automating routine provisioning tasks would actually enhance service. While that is the ultimate goal of the IDM solution (integration and automation), […]