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July 15, 2021

What better way to stay fresh this summer than a round of Idenhaus cybersecurity updates? We explore another of the common pre-breach mistakes organizations make, the shift to 5G, and proactive cybersecurity in the healthcare sector for this week's digest of articles for Healthcare IAM professionals.

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Sizzling Summer Cybersecurity Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals


5 Common Pre-Breach Mistakes That Organizations Make With Cyber Security via Idenhaus

Join us as we discuss the second mistake out of our series of five: the inadequate use of outside assessors when creating a strong security plan. When done correctly, outside assessments can help, but when incorrect.... they can hurt your organization more than you might think.

HHS Warns Health Systems of PACS Security Vulnerabilities via HealthcareITNews

The agency says the DICOM standard used by picture archiving communication systems is open to exploitation when connected to the Internet, and that providers should act now to patch at-risk PACS.

What the Shift to 5G Will Mean for Healthcare Cybersecurity via HITConsutant

5G’s entry onto the scene has the potential to expand the healthcare industry’s potential in ways that we would never have imagined a decade ago — and pose all-new security risks for patients and providers.

What Physicians Need to Know About Cyberliability Coverage via Medical Economics

The move to bring health care online was meant to make medical care more efficient, but it also made the industry more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

NHS Test and Trace Strengthens Cyber Defenses via HealthITNews

NHS Test and Trace is working with British cybersecurity company Risk Ledger to proactively manage cybersecurity risks in their supply chain.

How a Proactive Approach Can Help Healthcare Organisations Mitigate Cyber-attacks via Med-TechNews

The mass adoption of new technologies and services, such as telehealth, paired with the shift to home working, meant that healthcare organisations were forced to engage with more cloud resources than ever before. Whilst this shift was necessary in order to continue to deliver lifesaving services and treatment, it also exposed serious vulnerabilities in the handling and processing of healthcare data.

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