Unlocking the Benefits of an IAM Roadmap

May 20, 2020
benefits of an iam roadmap

In this post, Prajna Priyadarshini shares an overview of our recent webinar, "Unlocking the Benefits of an IAM Roadmap". 

benefits of an iam roadmap

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions govern the user identity lifecycle in an organization to control access to critical information. The IAM lifecycle starts with the onboarding of users, managing transfers and promotions, and ends on separation with the off-boarding process. During the lifecycle, there are several events and business processes that are to be followed to manage accounts and user access. 

In the current situation that we all are in, digital transformation is the fundamental aspect that an organization is working on for the smooth execution of business processes. Embracing digital transformation has added more technology, and, in trying to manage this challenge, businesses are struggling to manage both the changes and their IT systems. This complexity will eventually increase the risk profile of the organization if steps are not taken to properly mitigate them. 

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Research shows that more than 50% of all IAM projects fail the first time. An even more sobering statistic: even when the implementation is successful, 4 out of 5 business executives say that their IAM solution does not deliver enough value. In order to avoid these outcomes, it is essential to have a well-designed plan to communicate the value and define the path forward; an IAM roadmap is required. An Identity Management Roadmap reveals the gaps in processes, technical capabilities, and the underlying data quality so that they can be addressed in the implementation plan before they become a problem. 

In our recent webinar "Unlocking the Benefits of an Identity Management Roadmap", Jim Marshall and Ron Bowron discussed the benefits delivered by creating an Identity Management Roadmap that is tailored to your organization. Implementing a new IAM solution is fraught with unknowns, uncertainties, and frequently unknowable risks. Generally, demand has to be created during the program’s initial development stage. How long it takes to generate Authentic Demand depends on the complexity of the changes (people, process, technology), the degree of newness (Is there any IAM program already in place?), IAM’s fit to the organization’s business needs, and the presence of alternatives (e.g. Point to Point solutions). Idenhaus’s proven IAM Roadmap methodology is designed to generate business support for the program, reduce implementation risk, and optimize the time to value.

The webinar identified four critical success factors for any IAM Program:

  • Using best practices and defining a vision for future capabilities to key stakeholders 
  • Evaluating and prioritizing initiatives to maximize the time to value for the program
  • Continually aligning and maturing the IAM Program to mitigate risks while achieving optimization
  • Focusing on the right vision to gain executive support and funding

While it has been demonstrated time and again that a well-defined Identity Management Roadmap is one of the primary factors for a successful implementation, what has been demonstrated even more conclusively are the ravaging costs and frequent failures associated with launching a new IAM Program without a structured approach. Nothing seems to take more time, cost more money, involve more pitfalls, cause more anguish, or break more careers than haphazard IAM implementations. The fact is Identity Management implementations do not follow the typical IT solution implementation path at all. Clearly, with more careful long-range planning at the outset, the program’s value can be better positioned and the business drivers become the foundation for more precisely defined objectives that ensure the success of the program.

Learn how you can unlock the benefits of an IAM Roadmap. Watch Unlocking the Benefits of an IAM Roadmap Webinar on-demand now > 

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This post was written by Prajna Priyadarshini, Cybersecurity Analyst at Idenhaus Consulting. 


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