Articles of Interest for Healthcare IAM Professionals, June 2021

June 1, 2021
Articles of Interest for Healthcare IAM Professionals, June 2021

Hackers targeting healthcare technology, new trends in cybersecurity, and the new laws surrounding data privacy in this week's digest of articles for Healthcare IAM professionals.

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New Articles to Start The Summer for Healthcare IAM Professionals


Securing Connected Medical Devices to Protect the Future of Healthcare via MedTechNews

IoT connected devices can vary widely and are a critical part of business operations and to the patient care experience - but they are invariably not designed with security in mind. IoT devices such as smart displays, temperature and motion sensors, as well as printers can be compromised and become an attack vector.

Demand for Healthcare Cybersecurity could Create $26.1 Billion Opportunity via MarketWatch

The increase of cloud-based security solutions across the healthcare sector, rising use of smartphones & connected devices, and growing adoption of 5G technology are expected to contribute to the growth of the healthcare cybersecurity market in the coming years.

Rising Hospital Ransomware Attacks Could Endanger Patients and Hit Bottom Lines Hard via HealthcareDive

Healthcare systems have been rendered more vulnerable due to COVID-19 as non-clinical employees working from home open pathways for phishing.

Attacks on the Healthcare Sector are on the Rise via Forbes

The number of reported healthcare breaches reached 599 in 2020, a 55.1% spike compared to 2019. Hacking and IT incidents account for most of the attacks.

8 Ransomware Prevention Strategies for Healthcare Providers via CXOToday

With cyber-attacks continuing to evolve and increase, healthcare providers need to look at how they can prevent their organization from suffering the damages that result from ransomware.

What the Shift to 5G Will Mean for Healthcare Cybersecurity via HitConsultant

5G’s entry onto the scene has the potential to expand the healthcare industry’s potential in ways that we would never have imagined a decade ago — and pose all-new security risks for patients and providers.

How To Leverage Identity in An Attack via Idenhaus

IAM is an essential capability that supports both security and compliance mandates; however, organizations with poor identity management practices can leave the door open for user accounts to be compromised as attack vectors, increasing both risk and the severity of vulnerabilities exponentially.


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