9 Top Articles on Cybersecurity & Identity Management

January 5, 2017

Top Stories on Digital Identity Management, ICS Attacks, and the Dangerous Data Your Smartphone Leaks.

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Here are this week's top 9 Identity Management and Cybersecurity articles.

1. Data Privacy — 2016's biggest privacy threat: Your phone via Engadget

Hackers and developers have been trying to raise the alarm about how much information smartphones leak through normal use and have gone practically ignored.

2. Identity & Access Management — Why you should re-engineer your approach to Identity and Access Management via ITProPortal

Whilst the benefits of introducing an IAM solution can be vast, many organizations are unable to comprehend some of the major challenges facing them when looking to implement an IAM solution.

3. Cybersecurity — 2016 Saw a Huge Jump in ICS Attacks  via ISS Source

ICS attacks jumped by 110 percent this year over last year, new research found. The main culprit behind this was brute force attacks on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

4. Operational Technology — 3 Essential Elements for IT/OT Integration Success  via Idenhaus

Successful integration of IT/OT environments can be measured through the lens of the cybersecurity triangle – people, process, and technology.

5. Expert Insight — Looking at the Ukraine cyber-attacks through the various lenses of NERC CIP via SANS ICS

Does NERC CIP protect the US system, or is it more susceptible because it is highly automated and would suffer a longer outage?

6. Identity & Access Management — Beyond passwords: NIST explores new digital identity management  via FederalNewsRadio

NSTIC is tasked with measuring the strength of different forms of identity management and the effectiveness of technologies that facilitate them.

7. Current Events — Something is wrong with the Forbes story on "Hackers Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin Hackers Have Stolen Millions Of Dollars In Bitcoin -- Using Only Phone Numbers"  via Peerlyst

Both stories claim that it was "the phone" and "2FA SMS" via the phone that did him in. This just cannot be true, because the bitcoins he lost was on a hard drive connected to his computer, the hard drive was protected by a 30 characters long password.

8. Digital Disruption — Guidelines for keeping pace with innovation and tech adoption via OReilly

Good (and free) eBook on IT trends and how to take a more strategic approach to IT.


9. Security & Privacy — Making Privacy Concrete (Three Words Not Usually Found Together) via NSTIC

NISTIR 8062 introduces the concept of applying systems engineering practices to privacy and provides a new model for conducting privacy risk assessments on federal systems.



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