9 Privacy and Cybersecurity Articles, March 2020

March 11, 2020
privacy and cybersecurity articles

privacy and cybersecurity articles

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9 Privacy and Cybersecurity Articles, March 2020


CCPA Compliance – IT’s Not a Walk in the Park via Idenhaus

Senior privacy consultant Jodi Daniels shares what CCPA compliance means for your organization.


Learn From How Others Get Breached: Equifax Edition via DataBreachToday

The short version of what went wrong is that beginning in March 2017, hackers found and then exploited an unpatched, critical Apache Struts flaw, using it to gain a beachhead inside Equifax's network.


How Do Privileged Identity Management Tools Work? via SolutionsReview

How exactly do privileged identity management (PIM) tools work? What capabilities do they provide enterprises’ identity management and cybersecurity strategies? Why should your organization adopt them?


How Strong Enterprise Interest In 2020 Is Pushing Blockchain Technology Further via Forbes

As we enter the next decade, executive leadership for critical infrastructure organizations must take a hard look at their existing IT systems, their security practices, and, most importantly, their attitudes toward how they approach cybersecurity.


How To Secure Funding for your Identity Management Program via Idenhaus

One challenge almost all IT organizations face is how to get funding to build and mature their Identity Management (IAM) solution. While the technical ins and outs are well understood by IT departments, there is often a gap communicating the promise of IAM to business stakeholders in terms that are compelling.


Misconfiguration: The #1 Cause of Healthcare System Breaches via CampusSafety

A recent report found breaches caused by healthcare system misconfiguration due to human error in cloud infrastructures increased by 424%.


The challenges of cyber research and vulnerability disclosure for connected healthcare devices via HelpNetSecurity

Care critical devices that are directly connected to patients like infusion pumps, ventilation, anesthesia, patient monitoring and such obviously represent the most critical endpoints from a security perspective. Compromises to those devices can cause serious immediate effects.


Cybersecurity Frameworks in Healthcare (And How to Adopt Them) via CCSI

Cybersecurity frameworks (CSF) are the roadmaps for securing IT systems.
A CSF a guide based on existing guidelines and practices. The primary role of a CSF is to help organizations to reduce security risks and deal with management processes.



Finding Balance in Data Privacy  via Idenhaus

Is it possible to find a good balance between supporting businesses vs. protecting consumers’ sensitive data? We think so.


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