9 Must-Read Security & Identity Management Articles, June 2018

June 13, 2018

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Here are 9 informative IAM and security articles from June 2018. Enjoy!

The Role of Identity in Digital Transformation via SolutionsReview

The challenge is that digital transformation can be a labor and resource-intensive process that can create serious deficiencies in your business processes if implemented improperly.

How Threat Hunters Operate in Modern Security Environments via SecurityAffairs

This article will help you get a basic understanding related to most aspects of threat hunters and how they work in modern security environments.

10 Most Common Identity & Access Management Stakeholders via Idenhaus

IAM project teams frequently have no formal power or authority and therefore have to rely on influence to drive engagement to achieve their objectives.

US Probes Airplane Vulnerabilities, Says Hack Is ‘Only a Matter of Time’ via Motherboard

DHS is continuing to investigate how insecure commercial aircraft are to cyber attacks, with one research lab saying hacking a plane may lead to a "catastrophic disaster."

Security Mistakes that Could Cripple the Network via SecurityBoulevard

Every company worries about protecting itself against the next WannaCry-esque cyberattack, but the truth is that most critical issues in the enterprise network are caused by simple human error.

Mastering IAM: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Stakeholders Closer via Idenhaus

One of the best ways to engage with your stakeholders is to begin with a short roadmap engagement with the express purpose of identifying needs and developing a high-level plan to address them.

Password Tips From a Pen Tester: Common Patterns Exposed via Rapid7

I recently went on a penetration test where I was able to get access to the company’s full database of accounts and password hashes because I successfully guessed one user’s password: Winter2018.

5 Things Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Cover via ClickTime

There are many approaches to configuring a DRP — here are some essential concepts one needs to be aware of in the current state of affairs, where data is a regular commodity.

GAO Probing FCC Claims of Denial-of-Service Attack via NextGov

Critics have questioned whether the FCC’s commenting site was actually hit with a distributed denial-of-service attack or just deluged with comments opposing net neutrality repeal.

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