9 Must-Read Healthcare Cloud Security Articles

February 9, 2021
Healthcare Cloud Security Articles

Corporate Governance, healthcare trends, and digital health predictions headline this week's digest of healthcare cloud security articles.

Healthcare Cloud Security Articles

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9 Must-Read Healthcare Cloud Security Articles, February 2021


Cybersecurity in Medical: Cybersecurity Trends via Medical Device Network

The latest wave of innovation involves the adoption of a more proactive defensive approach, using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to discover and analyse the growing landscape for attacks.


Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare Data Management via AIthority

As healthcare organizations embrace new technologies and create new areas of growth, it is the role of Chief Information Officers to create an IT infrastructure capable of mitigating threats and have backup plans to ensure the data is available when needed.


FDA Names First Acting Director of Medical Device Cybersecurity via HealthIT Security

The Food and Drug Administration recently named Kevin Fu as the agency’s first Acting Director of Medical Device Cybersecurity in its Center for Devices and Radiological Health.


Cybersecurity in Medical: Corporate Governance via Medical Device Network

Organizations have realized the necessity to maximize the security of their data through data loss prevention (DLP) software which monitor and control endpoint activities, filter data streams on corporate networks, and monitor data in the cloud to protect data at rest, in motion, and in use.


Intel agency warns of threats from China collecting sensitive US health data via The Hill

The National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) on Monday warned that efforts by the Chinese government to obtain U.S. health data, particularly DNA, through hacking and other means had been stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic.


3 big predictions for digital health in 2021 via HealthcareDive

As tech and data sharing become more pervasive, healthcare will likely pivot to being more predictive, and telehealth will evolve, giving rise to new modalities of care.


Cybersecurity in Medical: Changing Threats via Medical Device Network

As more digital technologies are utilized, the greater potential there is for cyberattack. Healthcare data is particularly sensitive to cyberattack, since healthcare cyber breaches often involve loss of sensitive personal information and medical records.


Webinar: Mistakes I’ve Made — Confessions of a Healthcare Cybersecurity Expert via Modern Healthcare

As leaders rapidly shift to new business models to bolster revenue in this time of uncertainty, gaps in security are often being created that allow cybercriminals a way into systems. This presents serious reputational and financial risk.


6 Reasons Why Identity and Access Management Projects Fail via Idenhaus

Identity Management is much more than a “product install” where we can “fire and forget”. It is an ongoing program that requires discipline to implement correctly and ongoing care and feeding to mature.


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