9 Must-Read Cyber Security Articles, November 2020

November 12, 2020
cyber security articles

Zero Trust, cyber skills shortage, and quantum computing headline this week's digest of cyber security articles.

cyber security articles

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9 Must-Read Cyber Security Articles, November 2020


Leveraging Zero Trust with Identity at the Core via Idenhaus

Zero Trust shifts the focus from protecting the corporate network to protecting individual resources. Authentication and authorization become discrete functions that are performed before any access to an enterprise resource is allowed.


Insecure APIs a Growing Risk for Organizations via DarkReading

Security models for application programming interfaces haven't kept pace with requirements of a non-perimeter world, Forrester says.


The Biggest Cyber Challenges Facing CEOs Today. And What to do About It via RealLeaders

One thing I’ve learned in business is that when it comes to existential risks, you may trust, but you must always verify. CEOs often have a poor understanding of strategic cyber risk. As a result, they don’t require critical additional security oversight controls to ensure they know the actual dimensions of the strategic risks associated with cyber.


Survey: Cybersecurity Skills Shortage is ‘Bad,’ But There’s Hope via ThreatPost

Automation, strategic process design and an investment in training are the keys to managing the cybersecurity skills gap, according to a recent survey from Trustwave.


Cyber Security as Competitive Advantage via ChannelFutures

Cyber security may initially come to mind as a defensive position, but having strong cyber resilience can actually be a competitive advantage, especially when it’s at the forefront of your operations and embodies a commitment to customers.


New NAT/Firewall Bypass Attack Lets Hackers Access Any TCP/UDP Service via The Hacker News

New research has demonstrated a technique that allows an attacker to bypass firewall protection and remotely access any TCP/UDP service on a victim machine.


Quantum computers are coming. Get ready for them to change everything via ZDNet

Supermarket aisles filled with fresh produce are probably not where you would expect to discover some of the first benefits of quantum computing.


Security-Driven Networking Will Drive the Future of Digital Innovation via SecurityWeek

Security-driven networking enables organizations to bridge the gap between dynamic networks and the usually static security tools available to secure them. By weaving security and networking functionality into a single, fully-integrated system, organizations can build whatever they want, regardless of how dynamic or scalable.


The Growing Threat of Business Email Compromise via Idenhaus

Business Email Compromise is a form of cybercrime in which an attacker gets control of a victim’s business email account and imitates the owner’s identity to defraud the company and its employees.


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