9 Insightful IAM and Cyber Security Articles, May 2020

May 26, 2020
IAM and Cyber Security Articles

SSO, Identity and Cyber Security Frameworks, and Threat Data Sharing headline this week's cybersecurity and IAM news digest. 

IAM and Cyber Security Articles

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Nine IAM and Cyber Security Articles


Unlocking the Benefits of an IAM Roadmap via Idenhaus

Nothing seems to take more time, cost more money, involve more pitfalls, cause more anguish, or break more careers than haphazard IAM implementations. The fact is Identity Management implementations do not follow the typical IT solution implementation path at all.


Cybersecurity Awareness: How to Protect Yourself, Your Co-workers, and Your Patients via MSBusiness

Organizations can use the nursing process to design comprehensive reviews that allow nurses to collect the information necessary to complete, implement, evaluate, and revise the NIST framework profile.


Microsoft Opens Up Coronavirus Threat Data to the Public via CyberScoop

Microsoft decided to open up its feed in order to boost awareness about attackers’ changing techniques during the pandemic — especially for those who may not have the expansive visibility the company possesses.


The Forces Driving Healthcare to a Multi-Cloud Environment via HealthcareITNews

Many healthcare organizations have operational silos and systems of record for which much is unknown regarding the quality and efficacy of how that data can be used to promote new service lines or to provide new services.


Understanding Single Sign On as a Means of Identity Access Management via TripWire

Protecting access to data is no longer optional; it has become a requirement. That’s where Identity access management can solve the problem.


Framework for Managing Identity in Healthcare Introduced via GovInfoSecurity

In response to the growing threat of identity-centric cyberattacks in healthcare, the Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center has published a framework for managing identity for the full work lifecycle of employees, practitioners, patients, and business partners.


What is the Zero Trust Framework and 5 Considerations for Building a Zero Trust IT Environment via SCMagazine

A Zero Trust Framework uses a number of security technologies to increase the granularity of access to sensitive data and systems. Examples include IAM, RBAC, NAC, MFA, encryption, policy enforcement engines, policy orchestration, logging, analytics, and scoring and file system permissions.


The Hacker Will See You Now: The Vast Scale of Medical Device Cyber Insecurity via Medical Technology

Medical devices connected to a hospital network are extremely vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks, according to a report by CyberMDX. This puts patients’ data and sometimes their lives at risk from hackers and cyber criminals.


Mastering Identity Management: Is HR Creating a Hostile Work Environment? via Idenhaus

Using IAM, routine administrative processes are executed automatically: user identities are created and synchronized to connected systems, personal computers are ordered, and security badges are requested – all without human intervention. So, what happens if your HR team isn’t willing to engage in the solution?


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