9 Insightful Cybersecurity & Access Management Articles, January 2019

January 16, 2019

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This week's news digest includes 9 informative and insightful identity and access management articles from January 2019. Enjoy!


Which RBAC Approach Is Better: Top-Down or Bottom-Up? via Idenhaus

Ultimately, neither approach is always best. They are often complementary, with one approach leading to the other in a cyclical fashion.

After broken promise, AT&T says it’ll stop selling phone location data via ArsTechnica

The four major carriers pledged to stop selling customer location data to third-party data brokers in June 2018, but a Motherboard investigation published this week found that T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T were still doing so.

What We Learned in 2018 & How To Create Your Security, Compliance & Governance Roadmap in 2019 via Omada

A look at how organizations changed their approach to IGA last year in response to data breaches, insider GDPR, and a call for greater business efficiency and transparency.

The Key Cybersecurity Takeaways From The Recent SEC Charges via SolutionsReview

What do these SEC charges mean for your enterprise? What can you learn from them as you form your own cybersecurity platform? The key takeaways from these recent SEC charges may surprise you.

Who Goes There? The Art of Digital Identity and Access Management   via SecurityIntelligence

Identity and access management (IAM) isn’t just an element of security; it’s at the very core of it. This is a great article to share with your business stakeholders.

Average cost of a cyberattack passes $1 million  via BetaNews

The main impact of cyberattacks, as reported by respondents, is operational/productivity loss (54 percent), followed by negative customer experience (43 percent). What’s more, almost half (45 percent) report that the goal of the attacks they suffered was service disruption. Another third (35 percent) say the goal was data theft.

Sorry, your data can still be identified even if it’s anonymized via FastCompany

Urban planners and researchers at MIT found that it’s shockingly easy to “reidentify” the anonymous data that people generate all day, every day in cities.

Majority of companies cannot detect IoT device breaches, survey reveals via TEISS

52% of businesses worldwide cannot detect if any of their IoT devices suffer a breach, pointing to the fact that the state of IoT device security could be much worse than projected at present.

Highlights from “CISO Perspectives on Privileged Access Management” #GartnerIAM  via Idenhaus

Privileged access management is about providing controls in your IT environment to manage who can administer systems. The idea is that this solution provides formal controls to limit who has privileged access, but also what those users are able to do with that access. Having good controls in place won’t eliminate the risk, but will greatly minimize the risk.


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