9 IGA and Cybersecurity Articles, October 2020

October 15, 2020
IGA and Cybersecurity articles

NIST, Credential Stuffing, and Business Email Compromise headline this week's digest of IGA and Cybersecurity articles.

IGA and Cybersecurity articles

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9 Must-Read IGA and Cybersecurity Articles


Distributed Cyber Attacks: What SMBs Need to Know via Idenhaus

Protecting an organization from a distributed attack is a difficult task that begins with a thorough cybersecurity assessment of your IT environment.


FBI Warns: Credential Stuffing Attacks on the Rise via BankInfoSecurity

"The problem of credential stuffing has reached epidemic proportions. Cybercriminals no longer have to resort to phishing emails to get credentials. All they have to do is try a username, usually the email address they see on the dark web, and any exposed password they can find."


Will the IoT Revolution Be Secured? via National Law Review

Historians believe we have started a fourth industrial revolution where physical, digital and biological worlds will merge to form the basis of a new economy.


Cryptojacking: The Unseen Threat via Dark Reading

Given that cryptocurrency prices are rising, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has doubled since 2017, mobile phones with web browsers are ubiquitous, and the number of vulnerabilities discovered has tripled over the same time period, we are facing a perfect storm of opportunity for cryptominers to evolve their tactics and create wormable mining malware for illicit gains.


NIST White Paper (Draft): Securing Data Integrity Against Ransomware Attacks via NIST

The objective of this document is to provide an overview of the Data Integrity projects, provide a high-level explanation of the architecture and capabilities, and explain how these projects can be brought together into one comprehensive data integrity solution.


Simplifying forensic investigations: 10 questions to ask via GCN

Here are 10 questions managers should ask to ensure they are uncovering, managing and leveraging all the digital intelligence -- data extracted from smartphones, computers and the cloud -- to more efficiently run their investigations.


How to avoid the most common mistakes of an identity governance program via HelpNetSecurity

It’s a story I have seen play out many times over two decades in the IAM field: An organization determines that it needs a more robust IGA program, they kick off a project to realize this goal, but after a promising start, the whole effort falls apart within six to twelve months.


Best Practice Cybersecurity to Prevent Business Email Compromise via HealthITSecurity

Business email compromise attacks are three times more effective than traditional phishing methods. By employing best practice cybersecurity, healthcare entities can improve their defense.


Why Workarounds Are IAM’s Silent Killer via Idenhaus

When it comes to Identity & Access Management, the fewer workarounds your organization has, the more mature your IAM program. Here is why workarounds are a key indicator of the maturity of your IAM solution.


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