9 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, January 2021

January 14, 2021
9 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, January 2021

Privacy law, IoT devices, and IAM resources headline this week's digest of Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles.

9 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, January 2021

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9 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, January 2021


Top 10 Identity Management Resources and Articles from 2020 via Idenhaus

Let’s take a look at our most popular Identity Management resources and articles from 2020, in no particular order.


Hindsight is 2020: Data Privacy Law Year in Review via JDSupra

A year full of firsts, 2020 introduced a number of new consumer data privacy protection laws. We highlight significant data privacy developments and trends from 2020 in this post.


Cyber Standards for Connected Devices Leverage Federal Purchases via BloombergLaw

The standards, which under the law must be finalized in early 2021, are likely to prompt makers of internet-connected devices to step up their security so they can sell to the government.


Report on Russian Cyber Units via USNI

Russia has deployed sophisticated cyber capabilities to conduct disinformation, propaganda, espionage, and destructive cyberattacks globally.


Common Identity Management Acronyms via Idenhaus

From ABAC to XML, here are the most common identity management acronyms.


How Quantum Computing Will Transform Cybersecurity via Forbes

Quantum computing promises to transform cybersecurity, but there are substantial challenges to address and fundamental breakthroughs still required to be made.


Bugs in Firefox, Chrome, Edge Allow Remote System Hijacking via ThreatPost

Major browsers get an update to fix separate bugs that both allow for remote attacks, which could potentially allow hackers to takeover targeted devices.


The 15 Top Identity Management Articles of 2020 via SolutionsReview

The editors of Solutions Review work to research identity management on a constant basis. We compile technology research papers and reports, product updates, and capability trends. So, we compiled some of our top identity management articles and best practices released in 2020 to simplify the research process.


Leveraging Zero Trust with Identity at the Core via Idenhaus

Zero Trust shifts the focus from protecting the corporate network to protecting individual resources. Authentication and authorization become discrete functions that are performed before any access to an enterprise resource is allowed.


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