9 Informative Identity Governance & Access Management Articles

February 7, 2018
Identity Governance Access Management

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Here are 9 of our favorite Identity Access Management, & Cybersecurity articles for late January/early February 2018.


90% Of Gmail Users Don't Use This Simple Trick To Protect Their Accounts via Forbes

For many of those users, their Gmail account is their primary -- and often only -- email account. And it's linked to dozens or even hundreds of their most important online accounts.


NIST's digital identity deadline approaches  via GCN

By the end of June 2018, all federal agencies will be required to have legacy systems and applications in compliance with the guidelines.


Data Maps Drive Successful IAM Projects via Idenhaus

In order to get your data right, we recommend starting with a data map to identify key systems and user attributes and how they flow across connected systems.


Data breaches are taking a toll on customer loyalty  via CSO

A whopping 70% of consumers stated they would stop doing business with an organization if it experienced a data breach.


How hackers recycle top threats via TrendMicro

Many of these reused threats are leveraged in combination with new and sophisticated infection strategies, making them even more difficult to protect against.


Evolving identity management crucial for federal cybersecurity, but budget woes slow adoption via Fedscoop

A new survey of federal IT leaders cites identity management as one of the most important methods for protecting agency networks, but slimmed-down budgets make it hard to implement effectively.


Expanding Role of CISO: 7 Attributes of a Successful Security Leader via IBM SecurityIntelligence

If CISOs wish to play a bigger role, they must not only have the necessary technical expertise and leadership skills, but also understand their company’s operations and articulate security priorities from a business perspective.


Attribute Metadata: A Proposed Schema for Evaluating Federated Attributes via NIST

This NIST Internal Report contains a metadata schema for attributes that may be asserted about an individual during an online transaction.


10 Challenges IAM Governance Teams Help Organizations Overcome via Idenhaus

Governance helps organizations overcome challenges by facilitating dialog across all the key stakeholders and driving a true understanding of the business needs and what the technology offers.


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