9 Identity Access and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021

February 11, 2021
9 Identity Access and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021

Data privacy, identity, and ransomware headline this week's digest of Identity Access and Cybersecurity Articles.

9 Identity Access and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021

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9 Identity Access and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021


6 Reasons Why Identity and Access Management Projects Fail via Idenhaus

Identity Management is much more than a “product install” where we can “fire and forget”. It is an ongoing program that requires discipline to implement correctly and ongoing care and feeding to mature.


Frankenstein fraud, deepfakes & replay attacks: how to identify identity fraud threats via Raconteur

Online fraud has accelerated during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning organizations must be more vigilant in the face of the seemingly ever-increasing threat and its impact on business


New IDSA Study Shows Delays in Granting and Revoking Access via SolutionsReview

Regarding granting and revoking access delays, IDSA found the majority of companies (72 percent) it takes one week or longer for a typical worker to obtain access to required systems. Additionally, it takes about 50 percent of organizations three days or longer to revoke system access after a worker leaves; this creates both risk and compliance problems.


To Pay or Not to Pay: Ransomware Threats and Risking Payment Sanctions via Bloomberg Law

This joint pronouncement was released just as the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) unveiled an advisory announcing that those who pay or facilitate the payment of cyber ransoms may face civil and criminal penalties for doing so.


Ransomware Payoffs Surge by 311% to Nearly $350 Million via DarkReading

Payments to ransomware gangs using cryptocurrency more than quadrupled in 2020, with less than 200 cryptocurrency wallets receiving 80% of funds.


Focus on Physical and Cyber Linkages via SecurityToday

As recently as December 2020, the federal government confirmed perhaps the largest and most damaging cybersecurity breach in history, and the most sobering thing about that breach is that we still do not know the intentions of the attackers.


New York Considering Law To Establish Data Privacy Bill Of Rights For Consumers via RCBizJournal

Per the Governor’s proposal, the law “will mandate that companies that collect information on large numbers of New Yorkers disclose the purposes of any data collection and collect only data needed for those purposes.


Insurers: beware both sides of rapidly growing cyber risk via Dig-In

Allianz just released its 10th Risk Barometer highlighting the most important corporate perils for the next 12 months and beyond, based on the insight of 2,769 risk management experts from 92 countries and territories.


Mastering Identity Management: Challenges in Selecting an IAM Solution via Idenhaus

The exploding number of entrants in this market has been creating confusion among architects and buyers alike. In such a muddled market, executives are hard-pressed to sort out reality from vendor hype, and resort to product bake-offs: comparing products against long lists of features, requirements, and specifications.


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