9 Helpful Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles, October 2020

October 27, 2020
Helpful Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles

Helpful Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles

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9 Helpful Healthcare Cybersecurity Articles, October 2020


Healthcare: Elite Data via SecurityBoulevard

Securing connected devices, new and old, modern and legacy, has emerged as one of the top priorities for healthcare IT security professionals. But it’s immensely difficult to do.


Whom Can We Trust to Safeguard Healthcare Data? via TechNewsWorld

Healthcare records were digitized to help prevent medical errors such as misdiagnoses and mistakes with medication, but electronic health records (EHR) have made it easier for bad actors to steal patients' highly personal information.


How Ransomware Puts Your Hospital at Risk via NYTimes

Hospitals that have lost access to their databases or had their networks infected by ransomware may not be able to admit patients in need of care or may take longer to provide those patients with the treatment they need, if they switch to relying on paper records.


FBI, CISA Warn APT Hackers Chaining Vulnerabilities in Cyberattacks via HealthITSecurity

In the latest attacks, hackers are actively targeting internet-facing infrastructure vulnerabilities, including external remote services, to gain initial access into systems. Specifically, the attackers first gain access through network access vulnerabilities, then leverage Zerologon to escalate privileges in one single intrusion.


Healthcare Security: Three Trends Driving Efficiency and Personalization via Risk Management

As transformation makes its ways across sectors of healthcare and the US as a whole, scalable, consistent processes for renewed privacy and identity management will be essential.


Treasury Dept: Ransomware Payment Facilitation Could Be Sanction Risk via HealthITSecurity

Not only do ransomware payments fuel future attacks, OFAC explained it also threatens US national security interests given their profit and later ability to advance their cause. Paying ransom to a sanctioned entity or jurisdiction could fund activities in conflict with national interests.


Rapid Threat Evolution Spurs Crucial Healthcare Cybersecurity Needs via HealthITSecurity

Ransomware, phishing, and human weaknesses are serious cyber risks to health IT infrastructure amid COVID-19, which makes it crucial to improve security to combat evolving threats.


Ensuring Transparency: Language to Avoid in HIPAA Breach Notifications via HealthITSecurity

In the wake of a breach or ransomware, healthcare entities must be transparent with patients to protect privacy, prevent further crimes, and ensure compliance in HIPAA breach notifications.


3 Areas of Legal Exposure After a Security Breach via Idenhaus

Data security is now a top concern for both general counsel and corporate directors. In this tumultuous environment, it’s important to know what your legal exposure is so you can take steps to limit risks.



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