9 Must-Read Cybersecurity and Identity Management Articles, May 2020

May 13, 2020
cybersecurity and identity management articles

Blockchain, IoT, AI, and Biometrics headline this week's cybersecurity and IAM news digest. 

cybersecurity and identity management articles

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Cybersecurity and Identity Management

Why an IAM Assessment Boosts Chances of Implementation Success via Idenhaus

The starting point for building a solid Identity Management (IAM) foundation begins with an assessment that includes identifying key stakeholders, core user management processes, authoritative data sources and points of integration both from a business and a technical point of view.


South Korea to Develop an Identity Platform on the Blockchain for Autonomous Vehicles via CoinTelegraph

The government of South Korea’s planned city Sejong — which is the country’s testing ground for major smart city solutions — announced Friday that it will be establishing a blockchain-based platform for storing and verifying the digital identities of self-driving vehicles.


Optimizing IoT Security by Implementing Artificial Intelligence via Infosecurity Magazine

Implementing metaheuristic algorithms will provide a technical model that is applied in the IoT and can achieve impressive results. The proposed idea for the application of AI is the most efficient way of adding to the security of end-users, to the benefit of everyone.


Okta’s Focus on Secure Identity Management Gains Special Importance During COVID-19 via SiliconAngle

“Since COVID has started, phishing attacks have increased 667%,” said Jolly, who indicated that Okta experienced an 80% increase in usage for just one of its products. “As COVID has suddenly poured gas on the fire, we’re seeing our customers reach out to us a lot more, needing more support.”


Healthcare IAM & Cybersecurity

4 Benefits Identity Management Offers Healthcare via Idenhaus

While there are many ways to address cybersecurity challenges in healthcare, let's look at several features identity management solutions offer health organizations.


Smart Buildings Present a Unique Healthcare Cybersecurity Threat via HealthcareIT News

What are the steps healthcare CIOs and CISOs can take to analyze, design, evaluate and implement smart building solution plans to protect themselves from hackers getting to more important things like the main network or the electronic health records system?


How InfoSec Pros Can Help Healthcare During the Coronavirus Pandemic via DarkReading

Security pros are banding together to ensure healthcare facilities can focus on saving lives instead of defending against cyber attacks. Here are a few places you can volunteer your services.


HIMSSCast: Cybersecurity Implications of COVID-19 via HealthcareIT News

As healthcare systems around the world battle COVID-19, they haven't stopped fighting another battle: the constant struggle against hackers and other security threats.


NEC Launches Dual Face Biometric and Fever Detection System for Access Control via BiometricUpdate

The new offering combines elevated body temperature (EBT) detection, detection of personal protective equipment, such as face masks, and NeoFace biometrics on a scalable and modular platform with video and thermal analytics.


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