9 Highly Informative Access Management Articles from April 2018

May 3, 2018

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Here are 9 informative cybersecurity articles from April 2018. Enjoy!


Reduce cloud IT management headaches by approaching IAM the right way via CSOOnline

IT managers have a lot resting on their shoulders and if they get it wrong, it can be catastrophic to the business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like these IT headaches are getting any easier to fix with the increase in digital transformation and cloud adoption.

NIST 1.1: A Blueprint For Compliance And Assurance via National Law Review

The key takeaways are the intention to instill best practices and reduce the burden on the consumer by shifting the security responsibility to the manufacturer, service provider, app developer, and retailer.

Connecting Human Resource Process and Data to Identity Management via Idenhaus

A successful IDM process requires the Identity Management team to work closely with the HR department to create an efficient employee on/off-boarding process. However, it also requires a single owner for the IAM system.

Facebook Poses a Massive Risk to National Security: But It’s Worse than You Think… via ICIT

In its most recent analysis, ICIT dissects the threats posed by data brokers and dragnet surveillance capitalists.

The Three Models of Digital Identity Relationships via Medium

SSI represents a major breakthrough, the impact of which will extend far beyond what people typically think identity means; it will revolutionize digital relationships and interactions between people, organizations, and things.

Why Identity Management Is a Threat for Small Businesses via BizTech

As small and midsized businesses try to chart a strategy for digital transformation, ensuring data security is becoming increasingly difficult.

Flexibility vs. Security - A False Choice via SecurityWeek

Absolute flexibility, or absolute security, while they may appear appealing are ultimately bad. When you think about it, completely secure environments are often unusable. A similar thing can be said about complete flexibility. Those types of environments are virtually impossible to secure.

Threat Actors Turn to Blockchain Infrastructure to Host & Hide Malicious Activity via DarkReading

The main advantage for threat actors in using blockchain domains is that the domains they register have no central authority — such as ICANN or other third-party registrars.

Mastering Identity Management: When Your HRIS System Falls Short via Idenhaus

If your HRIS system is not an authoritative source for answers to your user identity questions, what should you do?


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