8 Must-Read Healthcare Security Articles, February 2021

February 23, 2021

Medical device cybersecurity, data breaches, and security threats headline this week's digest of healthcare security articles.

8 Must-Read Healthcare Security Articles, February 2021

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8 Must-Read Healthcare Security Articles, February 2021


CIS launches no-cost ransomware service for U.S. hospitals via HealthcareITNews

The Center for Internet Security's service uses software from the cybersecurity vendor Akamai aimed at proactively identifying, blocking and mitigating threats.


FDA Medical Device Cybersecurity via Security Boulevard

The agency has appointed Kevin Fu its first Acting Director of Medical Device Cybersecurity in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health. One of his first priorities is to publish new cybersecurity guidance using secure software development lifecycle methods that emphasize trustworthiness, transparency, and resilience.


The 2020 Healthcare Data Breach Data Report by CI Security via CI

COVID-19 has been unrelenting, and so are the cybercriminals who have taken advantage of the pandemic to breach healthcare organizations and gain unauthorized access to valuable patient data. The number of breaches self-reported by healthcare providers and the total number of patient records accessed by cybercriminals skyrocketed in the second half of 2020.


Cybersecurity in a pandemic year: One CISO's perspective via HealthcareITNews

ChristianaCare Chief Information Security Officer Anahi Santiago says she's drawn some lasting lessons from the hectic past 12 months, which offered a powerful reminder that "the human component is integral to the success of information security."


Largest Healthcare Data Breaches in 2020 via HIPAAJournal

2020 was the worst ever year for healthcare industry data breaches. 616 data breaches of 500 or more records were reported to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights. 28,756,445 healthcare records were exposed, compromised, or impermissibly disclosed in those breaches, which makes 2020 the third worst year in terms of the number of breached healthcare records.


Health Data Breach Tally Crowded With Vendor Incidents via DataBreach Today

One breach – reported as affecting 3.5 million individuals - involved Jelly Bean Communications Design, a website hosting vendor that the health plans provider says failed to address vulnerabilities over a seven-year period, leaving patient data potentially exposed. Plus, the hackers tampered with some of that data, Healthy Florida Kids Corp. said in its breach notification statement last month.


Top 6 Healthcare Security Threats and Best Practices (2021) via Cyphere

A good cybersecurity strategy helps healthcare organizations define these boundaries between trusted and untrusted territories including layered checks before deciding who can access what information.


5 Benefits of an IAM Strategy

Most organizations approach IAM projects from a tactical viewpoint, which is risky because it fails to consider how business processes must change to support identity lifecycle and often leads to project failure.


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