8 Insightful Healthcare IAM Articles, March 2021

March 9, 2021
8 Insightful Healthcare IAM Articles, March 2021

Cybersecurity threats, ransomware support, and AI headline this week's digest of Healthcare IAM articles.

8 Insightful Healthcare IAM Articles, March 2021

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8 Insightful Healthcare IAM Articles, March 2021


How provider orgs need to respond to 2021's cybersecurity threats via HealthcareITNews

Healthcare IT News interviewed Christophe Doré, cybersecurity manager at Capsule Technologies, a vendor of medical data technologies for healthcare organizations. He described the state of cybersecurity in healthcare during the pandemic, and what provider organizations should expect this year.


MITRE launches ransomware support hub for hospitals and health systems via HealthcareIT News

Its Ransomware Resource Center offers free tools to help healthcare IT pros "better prepare for, respond to, and recover from ransomware attacks."


Closing the healthcare cybersecurity gap via Cerner

Many senior healthcare leaders now understand that the growing interconnectivity of their devices, business partners and health systems make cybersecurity everyone’s concern – and everyone’s responsibility.


Microsoft shares IOC Scan Tool, as attacks on exchange servers expand via HealthITSecurity

ASPR urges healthcare entities to patch critical flaws in some Exchange servers as attacks and exploits increase. Microsoft issues an IOC scanning tool to support mitigation efforts.


AI moves beyond physical security to patient care via Security

The use of AI in healthcare faces the problems as AI in security, with data and privacy being by far the biggest challenge - sharing of live camera feeds, incident reports and any patient data accumulated required by these systems has the potential to put operators in violation of data laws if not carried out properly.


Vaccine rollout spurs 372% rise bad bots; spear phishing up 26% via HealthITSecurity

Hackers are continuing to take advantage of COVID-19 fears, as the vaccine rollout has spurred a massive upswing in bad bot traffic, spear-phishing, and malicious domain registrations.


Small and Medium Sized Practices Under Increased Pressure from Cyberattacks via HipaaJournal

Preventing attacks with limited resources can be difficult, so it is important to concentrate on the main attack vectors. The initial aim is not to make it impossible for systems to be compromised. The initial aim should be to make small changes to improve defenses to make attacks harder.


3 Reasons your Organization Should Adopt Identity Management in 2021 via Idenhaus

The need for improved cybersecurity is more important now than ever, as a distributed workforce creates new opportunities for hackers to exploit. Bad actors, hackers, and criminals are finding new ways to infiltrate your organization daily and the introduction of new attack vectors, such as your employees’ personal devices, give them more opportunity.


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