8 Healthcare IT and Identity Management Articles, March 2020

March 25, 2020
Healthcare IT

Healthcare IT


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8 Healthcare IT & Identity Management Articles, March 2020


3 Key Considerations for Your Healthcare IAM Roadmap via Idenhaus

Learn how a Healthcare IAM Roadmap can set your organization on the path to a successful Identity Management implementation.


Essentials for Building an Identity Management System via BuiltIn

Beyond the building blocks, identity management systems are highly complex — and very much in flux. As new threats emerge, new layers are added, and identity paradigms are still evolving.


Tech Optimization: Keys to Peak Interoperability via HealthcareIT News

Five healthcare interoperability experts – including pros at Boston Children’s Hospital and Medicomp Systems – discuss best practices for unsurpassed data and systems exchange.


NIST Shares Workforce Development, Cybersecurity Partnership Insights via HealthITSecurity

A NIST report sheds light into a recent pilot program for regional alliances and stakeholder partnerships, which outlines a roadmap for building similar cybersecurity partnerships and workforce.


Enabling Proactive Cybersecurity in Health Care as Threats Proliferate via eWeek

Health care finds itself exposed to more threats and sees increased risk, as a cyber incident can impact the privacy of sensitive patient data and interfere with hospital operations and care delivery--in addition to patient safety.


New Study Underscores IAM Importance for Cybersecurity and Risk Management via Yahoo Finance

“This survey makes it clear that security professionals are aware of the advantages that can be gained with identity and access to protect their company’s assets and data. Now is the time for companies to invest in effective IAM strategies and solutions, that help put them in a proactive position to get in front of potential threats.”


Athenahealth CISO Describes Company’s New ‘Internal Offense’ Security Strategy via HealthcareIT News

“We no longer can rely on traditional security controls like vulnerability scans and periodic penetration tests to assure our stakeholders that our systems are keeping up with the rate and pace with which attacks occur,” says Taylor Lehmann.

How an IAM Roadmap Aligns IT and Business Strategy via Idenhaus

The simplest and most effective way to link your business strategy with your IAM program is to build a solution roadmap, which lays out your plan for the next 1 to 2 years.


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