8 Excellent IAM & Cybersecurity Articles You Probably Missed

January 10, 2018

Here are the top IAM & Infosec articles that you may have missed over the past few weeks.

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Lessons about Cloud Security from 1980s Horror Movies  via ISSA

ISSA's 2017 Article of the Year. Here are 3 fundamental best practices for adapting current security programs to mitigate insider threats as applications and data migrate to the cloud.

Why Digital Trust Is the Cornerstone of Identity Management via Idenhaus

Organizations that can successfully create the lowest level of friction while creating the highest levels of trust will be the most successful in the Digital Economy.

Threat modeling: A critical, yet underused, element of cybersecurity risk analysis  via TechRepublic

How likely is that a hacker will try to steal your business or personal data? The threat modeling approach to security risk assessment is one way to find out.

The case for private cloud vs. public cloud implementation via TechTarget

Take security, compliance, cost, and scalability into account when deciding between a private and public cloud. Also, think about the future potential of hybrid cloud adoption.

Critical flaws revealed to affect most Intel chips since 1995  via ZDNet

One of the security researchers said the bugs are "going to haunt us for years."

CISOs' Cyber War: How Did We Get Here? via DarkReading

We've come to accept software vulnerabilities as part of the package, but the question is why? Why are vulnerabilities part of doing business?

Core Identity & Access Management Use Cases via Idenhaus

Here is a reference list of common Identity Management Use Cases. This was our most-read article in 2017.

Blockchain To The Rescue Creating A 'New Future' For Digital Identities via Forbes

The introduction of Blockchain-based identification mechanisms to security problems could offer an interesting solution. The use of so-called self-sovereign ID, a form of identification that is unalterable and almost completely secure, could change the way individuals use and access their identities and sensitive data online.

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