7 Must-Read Identity Management & Cybersecurity Stories from January 2017

January 31, 2017

Top Stories on Digital Transformation, Identity Management, Governance, and How Cyber Attacks Begin in 91% of Companies

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Here are this week's top 7 Identity Management and Cybersecurity articles.

1. Identity & Access Management — Moving Physical Access Control to the Cloud
via One World Identity

Is there a need for an Enterprise PACS (ePACS) that allows for large scale communication and cloud-friendly deployments where the benefits are worth the associated security challenges?


2. Digital Disruption — Cybersecurity in the Age of Digital Transformation

via MIT Technology Review

In the digital era, the focus needs to shift from securing network perimeters to safeguarding data spread across systems, devices, and the cloud.


3. Cybersecurity — 4 Fundamental Steps to Cybersecurity Planning Success
via Idenhaus

Planning for cybersecurity success may be the biggest obstacle for any organization to overcome.


4. Governance — Why Cyber Risk Governance is a Unique Discipline
via Cybernance

The term “Cyber Risk Governance” is being used frequently. What is a good definition, and how does it differ from GRC?


5. ICS/SCADA — Security Trends on Growth Curve
via ISS Source

A comprehensive look at ICS/OT security threats that should be on the agenda of every security professional in 2017.


6. Cyber Threats — 91% Of Cyberattacks Start With A Phishing Email
via Dark Reading

According to a new report, the top reasons people are duped by phishing emails are curiosity, fear, and urgency, followed by reward/recognition, social, entertainment, and opportunity.


7. Spotlight Video — Identity & Access Management Interview
via Federal News Radio

Federal News Radio recently sat down with SailPoint CTO Darran Rolls to address the challenges federal technology leaders face today. Watch the interview below.


Bonus Infographic: The Identity Industry Landscape: 225+ Companies Powering The Future of Identity
via One World Identity

As the identity space matures into an industry in its own right, startups and incumbents alike are finding new ways to build products that enable solutions across multiple industry segments.



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Photo credit: One World Identity

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