7 Must-Read Identity Management & Cybersecurity Articles, May 2016

May 18, 2016

Watch a US Power Grid get hacked, learn how Troy Hunt verifies data "breaches", and check out Anton Chuvakin's new "Understanding Insider Threats" paper in this week's Identity Management and Cybersecurity digest.

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6 privacy landmines and how to avoid stepping on them

While the healthcare industry grapples with data breaches and privacy and security regulations, there are common pitfalls that are easy to run into without proper planning. Erin Whaley, a partner at the law firm Troutman Sanders, shared 6 tips for avoiding them. Read more >>


Here's how I verify data breaches

With the recent headlines alluding to major inbox providers being hacked, Troy Hunt focuses on how he verifies data breaches to ensure that when reporters cover them, they report accurately and in a way that doesn't perpetuate FUD. Read more >>


8 Microsoft Office 365 Security Tips To Reduce Data Loss

A recent announcement of an authentication bypass should be enough to cause some pause on the topic of Office 365 security. There are a number of baseline security actions to take in Office 365 to help mitigate some of these risks. Read more >>


Our “Understanding Insider Threats” Paper Publishes

Please welcome “Understanding Insider Threats” by Erik Heidt and Anton Chuvakin, which is based on a large study of 186 organizations and their approaches to The Insider Threat. Read more >>


Is 2016 the Year for Biometrics at Last?

It turned out to be a perfect fit for PacifiCorp, one of the American West’s leading utilities. The “It” is a unique biometric authentication engine that can perform full ID verification without use of batteries or fixed power supply. Read more >>


FDIC launching new cyber initiative after 5 more breaches

The FDIC is kicking its cybersecurity efforts into high gear after reporting 5 more security incidents that were unknowingly caused by outgoing employees. Read more >>


IBM to Drill Watson in Cybersecurity

IBM will collaborate with 8 universities with renowned cybersecurity programs. Watson "will rapidly search massive volumes of information, understand the arcane language of software security, and will provide the human analyst with a variety of options ranked by confidence." Read more >>



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