7 Must-Read Identity Management Articles, July 2017

July 27, 2017
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Here are the top Cybersecurity and Access Management articles from July 2017. Enjoy!


3 Critical Success Factors for Every IAM Project  via Idenhaus

With these three critical success factors in place, your organization is much more likely to succeed the first time out of the gate. Read full article


Geek Week 2017 Conference via ISACA Atlanta

Join me for my session “Identity & Access Management: Project Challenges and Recovery”. I will provide a high-level overview of core Identity Management functionality and introduce concepts such as provisioning, self-service, business workflow integration, and resource connection. You'll learn about the reasoning and issues involved with these projects, as well as the key questions that were addressed by large-scale IAM deployments. Finally, I'll outline the most common project challenges/pitfalls and how to avoid them. Register now


Cybercrime industry growing rapidly, cybersecurity can't keep up  via Cloud Tech

Before an organisation makes the leap to the cloud, it’s imperative for CIOs and CSOs to address the following risks and concerns. Read full article



Leveraging AI To Maximize Cybersecurity ROI via Forbes

The cost of cybersecurity is proportional to the square of the number of products required for adequate defense. Learn how one company employs AI and machine learning to increase efficiency and prevent breaches. Read full article


Four ways to use open data sources to find cybersecurity candidates via CSO

Publicly available data from government and other sources can help you find the right security talent. Read full article


How to Introduce RBAC into a Group Environment, Part 2 via Idenhaus

Based on our experience integrating RBAC, we’ve put together 9 steps and recommendations to aid in the Collection, Prioritization, and Cataloging process of an RBAC integration. Read full article


Confessions of a Cyber Spy Hunter: Eric Winsborrow at TEDxVancouver via TED Talks

With over 20 years of experience leading high technology companies out of Silicon Valley, Eric has played a part in shaping the industry as an executive at heavyweights like McAfee, Symantec, and Cisco. Today, he is the CEO of ZanttZ, a company that is developing stealth cyber security technology solutions.


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