7 Must-Read Identity & Access Management Articles, June 2018

June 27, 2018

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Many organizations experience the hidden costs of low-quality user data, which makes automating routine Identity Management and provisioning tasks difficult and drives unnecessary operational and support costs.

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Here are our 7 favorite informative IAM and security articles from late June 2018. Enjoy!

Connecting ABAC to identity governance and administration to extend access control capabilities via CSO

IT teams are overloaded with provisioning and deprovisioning, permissions management and pressure to easily audit and report on compliance. Access control automation is needed - and the access control solution needs to scale as the business grows.

How Your HR Processes Drive Data Quality via Idenhaus

When reviewing HR onboarding processes, here are 5 questions to help determine if your processes are improving data quality or hampering it.

What Keeps Chief Information Security Officers Up At Night? via Cybersecurity Ventures

Accountability to the boardroom tops the list of late night worries.

One-third of firms would pay ransoms rather than invest in security via ComputerWorld

Report says businesses are still making the same mistakes, failing to make any progress in crucial areas such as cybersecurity awareness and preparedness.

Is Your Healthcare Organization Prepared to Withstand a Data Security Breach?   via SecurityIntelligence

According to a study from the Ponemon Institute, 89% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data security breach resulting in the loss or theft of patient information."

Building Your Business on Sovrin: Domain-Specific Trust Frameworks via Sovrin

This article discusses how organizations can use the Sovrin Network as a trustworthy infrastructure for creating businesses or processes that require strangers to trust one another. This happens by building domain-specific trust frameworks on top of Sovrin.

Identity Management: Overcoming Data Quality Challenges via Idenhaus

During this webinar, we will walk through mini-case studies that showcase common problems, identify root causes, and provide recommendations to improve data quality and drive new results from your existing IAM systems.

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