7 Must-Read Identity & Access Management Articles, August 2018

August 8, 2018

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Here are the top IAM and cybersecurity articles from early August 2018. Enjoy!

Why an IAM Assessment is the Secret to Success via Idenhaus

Having the discipline to understand the Current State environment first will allow you to build a Future State solution that delivers.

Developer's security guide: 50 online resources to shift left via TechBeacon

This list is a starter kit for developers who want to get better at writing code more securely the first time around—to catch vulnerabilities before the code goes to production.

Why Reconciliation Is Essential in Access Governance  via Omada

Without reconciliation there is no real access governance, and at the same time, reconciliation facilitates the operation of the identity management and access governance solution.

Recognising secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC) flaws from a source code review   via NCCGroup

This article discusses whether it's possible to assess a software development house's SSDLC maturity using source code metrics or results of a code review.

Identity Management: Overcoming Data Quality Challenges [Webinar Replay] via Idenhaus

During this webinar, we walk through mini-case studies that showcase common problems and provide recommendations to improve data quality and drive new results from your existing IAM systems.

Don't fall for these text scams asking for your passwords  via YahooFinance

The best way to avoid smishing scams is to simply ignore any texts you get from numbers you don’t recognize.


LifeLock Exposes Millions Of Customer Email Addresses via InformationSecurityBuzz

Security blogger, Brian Krebs, posted yesterday that identity theft protection firm LifeLock — a company that’s built a name for itself based on the promise of helping consumers protect their identities online — may have actually exposed customers to additional attacks from ID thieves and phishers.



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