7 Must-Read Healthcare IAM and Cybersecurity Articles

July 21, 2020
healthcare IAM

Identity Management and cybersecurity strategy headline this week's Healthcare IAM and Cybersecurity news digest. 

healthcare IAM

Thanks for checking out the biweekly Idenhaus Healthcare Identity Management and Cybersecurity roundup. We have started breaking this digest into 2 verticals - general Identity Management (published on Thursday) and Healthcare IAM and Cybersecurity.

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7 Must-Read Healthcare IAM and Cybersecurity Articles


4 Benefits Identity Management Offers Healthcare via Idenhaus

While there are many ways to address cybersecurity challenges in healthcare, today we’re going to take a look at several features identity management solutions offer health organizations.


Top 3 Priority Areas for Healthcare CIOs in the Age of COVID-19 via HITConsultant

In the age of COVID-19, healthcare CIOs cite interoperability, cybersecurity, and operationalizing SDOH data priorities as top three priority areas, according to the third annual LexisNexis focus group of CHIME executives.


Healthcare CIOs Outline Their Headaches and Hopes via HealthLeadersMedia

The report quotes one IT executive as saying, "Tech giants are talking about these revolutionary ideas. Meanwhile, we're just trying to make sure we have the correct patient contact information."


The Key to Improving Medical Device Security is Collaboration, Visibility via HealthITSecurity

Manufacturers, healthcare delivery organizations, policymakers, and even patients need collaboration to better understand and address medical device security risks and improve visibility.


The IT Investment Priorities Shaping Healthcare Today via HealthTechMagazine

IT and healthcare leaders must unite around a common understanding of the organization’s specific needs and goals. Realignment in these areas enables stakeholders to identify and agree on the right IT investments.


Tech optimization: Fine-tuning cybersecurity defenses via HealthcareITNews

In this latest installment of the Technology Optimization Best Practices Special Report, Healthcare IT News talked with four cybersecurity technology experts, who share their combined decades of experience to offer CIOs and CISOs practices and tips for making sure security tech is running optimally.


3 Liability Risks from Security Breaches via Idenhaus

Here are the three most common areas of corporate liability risks from security breaches.





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