7 Must-Read Cybersecurity Articles, July 2018

July 19, 2018

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Here are our top IAM and cybersecurity articles from July 2018. Enjoy!

Workday Joins Sovrin Foundation, a Blockchain Standards Organization via Workday

"Workday today is the source of truth for our customers and the backbone of their finance and HR operations. We believe that in the future, digital trust technologies will enable us to solve new problems and build new experiences."

Mastering Identity Management: The Data Quality Divide via Idenhaus

Clearly, expanding the definition of data quality presents new challenges to HR and the business that they will need to overcome. These challenges also represent an opportunity to drive automation across more of the organization to improve productivity, reduce risk, and drive down operating costs.

26,000 mobiles, laptops, tablets and drones went missing on London transport  via MobileNews

"With tens of thousands of electronic gadgets going missing every year, businesses need to wake-up to the fact that fraudsters will be attempting to gain access to critical information through lost or stolen devices."

The 5 most critical threats to businesses in 2018 via TechRepublic

Cybersecurity threats aren't just technical, but societal and political too. Here are the top threats to business in 2018, according to AlienVault.

Cyber Security for companies outside of the Fortune 500 via TechWireAsia

The most significant void in service provision exists in the space of those organizations expanding rapidly and are on the cusp of massive growth, but still lack the cybersecurity staffing & technical capabilities of their larger enterprise counterparts.

Cyber ranges: The tools helping business prepare for the next Equifax hack  via WashingtonExaminer

The simulators allow participants to experience a real-world cyber attack in a controlled environment, an exercise that helps tech workers spot holes in their firewalls, identify warning signs and strengthen data-security practices.

Identity Management Webinar: Overcoming Data Quality Challenges via Idenhaus

During this webinar, we will walk through mini-case studies that showcase common problems, identify root causes, and provide recommendations to improve data quality and drive new results from your existing IAM systems.

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