7 Must-Read Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals, May 2021

May 4, 2021
7 Must-Read Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals, May 2021

Cybersecurity blind spots, ransomware, and user access reviews headline this week's digest of articles for Healthcare IAM professionals.

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7 Must-Read Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals, May 2021


Inside the Cyber Attack “Machine”: What Hospitals Need to Know about the Dark Web and Post-Pandemic Threats via CPO Magazine

It is imperative for healthcare leaders and their IT/security teams to raise employee awareness of the latest methods, patch/encrypt all software, enforce additional protocols and establish total visibility of their entire cyber ecosystem.


A look at emerging cybersecurity threats via HealthcareFinance News

In this new episode of HIT Cybersecurity, HIMSS Director of Privacy and Security Lee Kim and a panel of infosec experts discuss what they're seeing on the front lines.


How provider orgs need to respond to 2021's cybersecurity threats via HealthcareIT News

The COVID-19 pandemic created a vastly different working paradigm in healthcare, with huge numbers of employees moving from the office environment to working from home. A healthcare cybersecurity expert offers key advice on how best to protect digital assets.


Healthcare's biggest cybersecurity blind spots and misconceptions via HealthcareIT Security

While awareness of the threats facing the healthcare sector has improved, providers have inherent blindspots and misconceptions leaving them exposed to a host of cybersecurity risks.


Medical Device Cyber-Vulnerability Casts a Cloud Over Growing Use via HealthLeadersMedia

Regulatory focus on fining providers is misplaced, according to a device security expert. Seth Carmody, PhD, vice president of regulatory strategy at MedCrypt, answered questions from HealthLeaders about the connected medical device security threat.


The Life-Threatening Rise of Ransomware in Healthcare via SecurityBoulevard

Healthcare environments are a prime target for financially motivated cybercriminals, and that’s reflected in the more than 600 reported successful ransomware attacks on clinics, hospitals, and research institutes carried out in 2020 alone.


Stay Ahead of Hackers with User Access Reviews – Part 1 via Idenhaus

Access reviews should be run on the assumption that everyone is a potential threat and because of that, they should only be granted the permissions they need to complete their job function.


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