7 Insightful Identity & Access Management Articles, September 2018

September 5, 2018

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Here are the top 7 IAM and cybersecurity articles from early September 2018. Enjoy!

The CSO guide to top security conferences via CSO

If keeping abreast of security trends and evolving threats is critical to your job then attending some top-notch security conferences is on your must-do list for 2018.

5 reasons federal agencies are so challenged by identity and access management  via FCW

The problems surrounding IAM are not specific to the public sector, but they have a critical impact on government.

Weighing privileged identity management tools' pros and cons  via TechTarget

Products that help security pros manage access privileges are essential to IT security. Learn how to evaluate market offerings and acquire the best for your company.

Why IDM is the Secret to Creating the Onboarding of the Future via Idenhaus

Automation is the key to making the onboarding process work for your organization. But how do you decide what parts of the process are worth the effort to automate?

Bots: The new challenge for identity management  via ComputerWorld

Mark McClain, founder and CEO of identity management software developer SailPoint says robotic process automation bots are rapidly emerging as a new form of identity that needs the be managed in the same way as human identities.

Lufthansa data leak: What a single URL can reveal about you via Cliqz

Anyone who knows the URL of a Lufthansa booking details page can view, change or delete all the data listed there, including personal information up to passport numbers. Emirates, FedEx, Foodora, and JustFly have similar issues.

Is Your Identity Management Solution a Rube Goldberg Machine? via Idenhaus

Like many IT projects, IAM is rife with opportunities to over-complicate the solution and formulate extremely complex designs that include all imaginable use cases and a broad range of exceptions.





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