7 Must-Read IDM & Cybersecurity Articles, January 2019

January 3, 2019
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This week's news digest includes 7 informative and insightful IAM and cybersecurity articles from late December 2018 and early January 2019. Enjoy!


Top IAM, RBAC, and Cybersecurity Articles from 2018 via Idenhaus

What were Identity & Access Management and Cybersecurity experts reading in 2018? Let’s take a look back at our most well-received articles from 2018.

Hackers Make a Fake Hand to Beat Vein Authentication via Motherboard

Security researchers disclosed new work at the Chaos Communication Congress showing how hackers can bypass vein based authentication.

HHS Releases Voluntary Cybersecurity Practices for Health Industry via NextGov

The guidance is a mixture of highly technical solutions and common sense practices applicable to a wide range of healthcare facilities.

How IAM Solves Onboarding and Offboarding Challenges via SolutionsReview

Onboarding and offboarding can be a nightmare for IT security teams, especially for large and scaling enterprises. Thankfully, identity and access management (IAM) solutions can help your IT security team tackle the challenges within these major transitional processes.

The Four Essential Personalities for a Strong Cybersecurity Team  via NetworkComputing

Many believe that it takes a certain personality type to fit in a cybersecurity team, when in fact a diversity of traits strengthens a team.

GDPR: Four letters that put fear into firms' hearts in 2018  via The Register

Data brokers, credit checking agencies and marketeers have all come under the spotlight this year, and efforts to open people's eyes to the data that is held on them by firms they may never have heard of are well under way.

Why an IAM Assessment Boosts Chances of Implementation Success  via Idenhaus

The starting point for building a solid IAM foundation begins with an assessment that includes identifying key stakeholders, core user management processes, authoritative data sources, and points of integration both from a business and a technical point of view.


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