7 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021

February 25, 2021
7 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021 (1)

 IAM strategy, Solar Winds, and cyber insurance headline this week's digest of Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles.

7 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021 (1)

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7 Identity Management and Cybersecurity Articles, February 2021


5 Benefits of an IAM Strategy via Idenhaus

Most organizations approach IAM projects from a tactical viewpoint, which is risky because it fails to consider how business processes must change to support identity lifecycle and often leads to project failure.


New malware found on 30,000 Macs has security pros stumped via ArsTechnica

A previously undetected piece of malware found on almost 30,000 Macs worldwide is generating intrigue in security circles, and security researchers are still trying to understand precisely what it does and what purpose its self-destruct capability serves.


Becoming a CISO: Many Paths to Success via BankInfoSecurity

Mike Hamilton, founder and CISO of CI Security, followed an unusual path that led him to a career in cybersecurity. He says those who, like him, lack a formal education in security can build successful CISO careers.


New York regulator issues cyber insurance risk framework with implications for insurers and insureds via JDSupra

The Framework identifies best practices that property/casualty insurers “should employ” to manage cyber insurance risk and raises a number of issues relevant to multiple stakeholders including policyholders who rely on insurance as part of their cyber risk management strategy.


Tracker pixels in emails are now an ‘endemic’ privacy concern via ZDNet

Hansson told the publication that on average, the company processes one million emails and over 600,000 pixel tracker attempts are blocked every day. If you bring these levels up to the millions and millions of emails processed by services such as Gmail or Outlook, the suggestion that pixel tracker usage is "endemic" may be realistic.


Microsoft's Smith: SolarWinds attack involved 1000 developers via DataBreachToday

More than 1,000 developers likely worked on rewriting code for the massive SolarWinds supply chain attack that affected many companies and U.S. government agencies, Microsoft President Brad Smith said in a Sunday interview, pointing out the attack is most likely continuing.


4 Fundamental Steps to Cybersecurity Planning Success via Idenhaus

The issue with cybersecurity planning is not that it is not being done at all; rather, the issue lies in how the planning exercise itself is executed. Most organizations look at planning through the lens of incremental improvement to their existing security measures and their current network infrastructure.


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