7 Must-Read Identity Access Management Articles, January 2018

January 24, 2018

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Here are the top 7 Identity Access Management & Information Security articles for January 2018.


How Data Maps Prevent Identity Management Mistakes via Idenhaus

IAM solutions often fail to deliver results because organizations do not develop a Data Map up front as part of their Requirements and Design.

Hospital Pays $55K Ransomware Demand DESPITE Having Backups  via KnowBe4

Hospital management told local press that restoring from backups was not a solution as it would have taken days and maybe even weeks to have all systems up and running. Hence, they decided paying the ransom was quicker.

What is a supply chain attack? Why you should be wary of third-party providers via CSO

Each purchased device, each downloaded application needs to be vetted, and needs to be monitored for potential security risks, and all patches have to be up to date.

10 Tips to Avoid an Identity Management Disaster via Idenhaus

A newly inked contract may help ease the immediate pressure to get something done, but a failed project doesn’t make good financial sense and could mean you’ll have to make some undesirable career adjustments down the road.

The CyberWire Daily Podcast - Episode 518 via The CyberWire

This podcast covers ransomware afflicting a healthcare IT provider. Group 123 phishes in South Korean waters. Schneider Electric describes the zero-day Triton/Trisis exploited. The Dark Caracal spyware campaign is attributed to Lebanon's intelligence service. The US Congress will extend Section 702 surveillance authority for six years. GhostTeam-infected apps are booted from the Play Store. Jonathan Katz from the University of Maryland ponders "uncrackable" quantum encryption. Graham Cluley from the Smashing Security podcast drops by for a chat about the state of the industry. And is there ever a good reason to write down a password?

Most IT Execs Have Zero Control Over Password Hygiene via InfoSecurity

A survey from LastPass and Ovum, which queried a few hundred IT executives and corporate employees in EMEA, revealed that 76% of employees regularly have problems with password usage or management, and nearly a third of users need help desk support at least once every month.

The Board’s Role in Managing Cybersecurity Risks  via MIT Sloan

Cybersecurity can no longer be the concern of just the IT department. Within organizations, it needs to be everyone’s business — including the board’s.

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