7 Fascinating Reads for Healthcare IAM Professionals

August 25, 2021
Healthcare Biweekly Article Roundup

This week, we explore updates to the healthcare cybersecurity world. From the ongoing ransomware issues that plague both healthcare operators and medical device creators, to the new culture of cybersecurity in healthcare employees and how to foster an even more secure workplace.  

Healthcare Biweekly Article Roundup

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Cyber Security Articles for Healthcare IAM Professionals


Health Leaders, It’s Time to Prioritize Cybersecurity Culture and Employee Awareness via Security Magazine

With a 470% increase in attacks from 2019 to 2020, it is now crucial for healthcare systems, hospitals, and other health-related organizations to prioritize the security of sensitive information and patients.

Why Healthcare Security Is Critical via Singapore Business Review

The healthcare industry continues to be a prime target for cybercriminals as hospitals cannot afford downtime, and the need to access health records and computer systems creates urgency that increases the likelihood that victims will pay their extortionists.

Hospitals Still Not Protected From Dangerous Vulnerabilities via HelpNetSecurity

A recent report from HHS cited a total of 82 ransomware incidents so far this year worldwide with 60% of them impacting the United States health sector.

Risk Management in the Age of Ransomware via Healthcare Global

For an industry that is hit two to three times greater than any other, the takeaway is clear: healthcare providers must have capable defense systems that are up to the task.

The Pandemic Revealed The Health Risks of Hospital Ransomware Attacks via The Verge

When a team at the CISA scrutinized the data, they were able to show that patients did worse in hospitals navigating a cyberware attack than in hospitals that didn’t.

Stronger Together: A Remedy to Third-Party Cyber Risk in Healthcare via HealthITConsultant

Controlling healthcare costs while delivering faster and better patient care is predicated upon the secure digitization and distribution of health information, from clinicians to medical devices to EMR and EHR systems, and more.

Mistakes Made Prior to Cybersecurity Breaches: Poor Incident Response via Idenhaus

An IRP determines who is responsible both during and after an incident. Too often we find organizations who have not properly implemented a plan for cybersecurity breaches… until after they encounter one.

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