7 Articles for Identity Management Professionals, April 2021

April 22, 2021
7 Articles for Identity Management Professionals, April 2021

Ransomware, Governance, and Access Control headline this week's digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals.

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7 Articles for Identity Management Professionals


7 Types of Identity Management Access Controls via Idenhaus

In this blog, we discuss the various security controls that are defined for information systems and the publications available that provide recommendations to mature your organization’s cybersecurity posture.


Do You Know Who IAM? Why Cloud Identity Is So Complicated via DarkReading

Excessive permissions and identity security are important. Solutions have existed for years to make them easier. So, why do so many failures still happen?


Hackers Exploit Known Sap Security Vulnerabilities With a Typical Cyber Attack Succeeding In Record Time via CPOMagazine

SAP and Onapsis researchers warned that threat actors could leverage faults in unsecured SAP applications exposed to the Internet to commit financial fraud, deploy ransomware, or disrupt business operations.


Financial industry preps for proposal that would require 36-hour breach notification via CyberScoop

Monday, April 12 marked the deadline for comments on an initial proposal that would mandate how a wide range of financial firms would need to report more kinds of cyber incidents to regulators within 36 hours.


The U.S. Government Needs to Overhaul Cybersecurity. Here’s How. via Lawfare Blog

It is time for a different model for cybersecurity. U.S. military bases have layers of walls, guards, badge readers, and authentication measures to control access. The United States needs the same mindset for its cybersecurity.


Hackers Exploit Unpatched VPNs to Install Ransomware on Industrial Targets via TheHackerNews

Unpatched Fortinet VPN devices are being targeted in a series of attacks against industrial enterprises in Europe to deploy a new strain of ransomware called "Cring" inside corporate networks.


10 Challenges IAM Governance Teams Help Organizations Overcome via Idenhaus

Establishing an IAM Governance Team helps address the most common challenges in implementing an enterprise-class Identity & Access Management solution.



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