7 Articles for Healthcare Cybersecurity Professionals, April 2021

April 6, 2021
7 Articles for Healthcare Cybersecurity Professionals, April 2021

HIPAA, cyber threats, and the latest Varonis report headline this week's digest of articles for Healthcare Cybersecurity professionals.

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7 Articles for Healthcare Cybersecurity Professionals, April 2021


Data risk report shows healthcare worker has access to 31,000 sensitive files on first day of work via HealthcareIT News

Highlighting that the average healthcare worker has access to 31,000 sensitive files on their first day of work, the report found that near 20% of all files are open to every employee, which is on average more than 1 in 10 sensitive files. Furthermore, 77% of the companies surveyed have 500 or more accounts with passwords that never expire.


How Healthcare Sector Can Be Prepared For Cyber Attacks via AnalyticsIndia

Most of the cybersecurity systems being utilized by healthcare organizations are outdated and unable to ward off cyber attacks. It is essential to invest in upgrading systems and processes to reduce the chances of being attacked.


Why Healthcare Could Face Unprecedented Cyber Threats In 2021 via Forbes

Ransomware is expected to remain a big part of the cybercriminal's portfolio in 2021. The ability for an attack to shut down operations at a medical facility has life-or-death consequences in certain situations, which can motivate victims to pay the ransom.


5 ways 'deepfakes' could infiltrate healthcare via Modern Healthcare [Paywall]

Deepfakes, a form of increasingly realistic-looking photo and video content manipulated with AI, could be the next frontier that businesses have to tackle in cybersecurity.


Deploying Healthcare Technology: How Vulnerable Are You? via Forbes

The short comings in IT security are not mere HIPAA exposures. Instead, they represent a greater danger of calculated and concerted efforts to breach healthcare networks to drill into the valuable data inherent therein.


Liquid Avatar Joins Good Health Pass Collaborative to Support Open Standard Digital Health Passes via Digital Journal

Liquid Avatar is well underway with its building of its verifiable credentials ecosystem that will support this initiative and others by providing users with the ability to store and manage their online credentials and digital identity products.


6 Reasons You Should Get Started with an Identity Management Roadmap via Idenhaus

An Identity Management Roadmap engagement assesses the current state of your IAM program, identifies challenges, and develops a clear plan to implement.


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