6 Reasons You Should Get Started with an Identity Management Roadmap

March 31, 2021
6 Reasons You Should Get Started with an IAM Roadmap

An Identity Management Roadmap engagement assesses the current state of your IAM program, identifies challenges, and develops a clear plan to implement.

Organizations that are considering refreshing their Identity Management (IAM) program or implementing IAM for the first time will benefit from an IAM Roadmap exercise. An IAM roadmap engagement takes the chaos out of the program through a consistent and comprehensive methodology to assess the current state, identify challenges, and develop a clear plan to implement.

  1. Getting Started is Easy - IAM Roadmap engagements run from 1 to 3 weeks and are a quick-win project to jump-start any IAM program.
  2. Driving Stakeholder Alignment - Interviews with key stakeholders are a great way to engage the business, understand their challenges, and evangelize the benefits of the IAM program. Stakeholder engagement also reduces political risk.
  3. Identifying Wins for Stakeholders - During the interviews, we identify opportunities to resolve business challenges with IAM capabilities. Whether it’s improving application management and access, taking the pain out of attestation/recertification, or providing a better user experience.
  4. Creating a Comprehensive Plan - Not sure which opportunities have the highest priority or where the dependencies are between workstreams? No problem, an IAM roadmap lays out the program timeline, calls out dependencies, and gives the business the ability to make trade-offs between workstreams as needed. The time saved during implementation pays for itself.
  5. Developing a Cohesive Narrative - Every organization has its own, unique requirements to deliver on the promise of IAM. A roadmap develops these themes and makes it possible for business stakeholders to see the value they are getting and when. More importantly, it provides an easy-to-understand visual representation of the program tailored to organizational priorities.
  6. Reducing Risk - Surprise and preparation rarely go together. Having a clear plan that makes the implicit explicit allows the team to understand issues upfront so they can be addressed before they become costly problems. Data quality, process, policy, and technology all come together to maximize time to value.

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