6 Must-Read Cybersecurity Articles, July 2020

July 23, 2020
cybersecurity articles

IAM, security breach response, and social engineering headline today's digest of IAM and Cybersecurity articles. 

cybersecurity articles

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6 Must-Read Cybersecurity Articles, July 2020


3 Liability Risks from Security Breaches via Idenhaus

Here are the three most common areas of corporate liability risks from security breaches.


4 ways that HR teams can use Identity and Access Management (IAM) for secure remote working via BetaNews

There are a few areas where an identity and access management solution (IAM) can help those less technical individuals who are perhaps not quite so used to remote working get through the learning curve of using technology.


The Changing phase of Cybersecurity in 2020s via DQIndia

In the race to keep up with ever-evolving strains and attack modes, the onus of keeping our digital infrastructure secure can no longer lie solely with the IT team or the upper echelons of management but is now the responsibility of everyone in a company with access to a computer or smart device.


CCPA Enforcement Begins as AG Proposes Rules via JDSupra

The Attorney General began enforcing the California Consumer Privacy Act, meant to give consumers greater control over how businesses use their personal information, on July 1.


Social engineering hacks weaken cybersecurity during the pandemic via InfoWorld

In addition to capitalizing on rampant fear, uncertainty, and doubt, attackers are targeting a fresh new honeypot of federal aid, in the form of payouts from unemployment checks, stimulus checks, and the Paycheck Protection Program.


Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Systems Thinking via Idenhaus

By focusing on the entire system, RBAC offers a solution that addresses a range of user access problems from initial provisioning (joiners), least privileges (movers), to revocation of access (leavers).

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