6 Must-Read Articles for Cybersecurity Pros, May 2016

May 4, 2016

Today's roundup of IAM and Cybersecurity news includes ICS malware, biometric identity management, ATM skimming, the threat landscape, and more. Get this biweekly update delivered a day earlier by signing up for our newsletter.


Wells Fargo to Roll Out Eye-Scans for Mobile App Sign-In

American banking giant Wells Fargo plans to go ahead with its scheme to use eye scans to verify the identity of customers using its mobile app. Read more >>


Fourth Sample of ICS Tailored Malware Uncovered and the Potential Impact

To date there have been exactly three ICS tailored malware families that are publicly known. The claim that Mandiant has found a new ICS tailored piece of malware is important for a few reasons. Read more >>


Execs: We’re not responsible for cybersecurity

Other findings from the study showed that 98 percent of the most vulnerable executives have little confidence their firms constantly monitor devises and users on their systems. Read more >>


Reviewing the Threat Landscape With IBM X-Force: Serious Data Breaches, Major Attacks and New Vulnerabilities

The IBM 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index offers a high-level view of the major threats to businesses worldwide. Read more >>


A Dramatic Rise in ATM Skimming Attacks

On April 8, FICO noted that its fraud-tracking service recorded a 546% increase in ATM skimming attacks from 2014 to 2015. Read more >>


19 open source GitHub projects for security pros

GitHub has a ton of open source options for security professionals, with new entries every day. Add these tools to your collection and work smarter. Read more >>




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