6 Hot Summer Articles for Identity Management Professionals

June 17, 2021
6 summer articles for IAM

More downward trends in cyber insurance, a discussion of Amazon Sidewalk, and a take on why ransomeware is feeling so very hot right now. All that and more in this week’s digest of articles for Identity Management Professionals.

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Hot Summertime Articles for Identity Management Professionals, June 2021


Cloud Identity Defenses – Cybersecurity and The Cloud via Idenhaus

With the rapid expansion of SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure platforms, and cloud applications, Identity has emerged as the new perimeter where organizations must manage the permissions and access of their users to various cloud resources.

Cyber Insurers Recoil as Ransomware Attacks ‘Skyrocket’  via Financial Times

Cyber attacks have climbed in the last year, but big ransomware strikes over the past two months have convulsed the insurance market.

Ransomware: A Guide to Practical, Regulatory, and Reputational Risk Management  via National Law Review

Ransomware has been targeting health care and life sciences organizations, which means those sectors need to work on implementing better security.

Supreme Court Limits Reach of Federal Law on Computer Crime via New York Times

The Supreme Court made a ruling that affects the reach of Federal Law on cyber crimes. This will likely have long reaching effects.

Amazon's Sidewalk, a Neighborhood Device Network, Is 'Uncharted Territory' for Data Privacy via CyberScoop News

Concerns about the expansion of existing home devices’ reach draws on anxieties about internet-connected home devices, data privacy, and more.

Why The Ransomware Crisis Suddenly Feels So Relentless via MIT Technology Review

Attacks on major companies and critical infrastructure have us panicking, but the roots of the problem go back years.

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