5 Must-Read IDM & Cybersecurity Articles, September 2018

September 19, 2018

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Here are 5 informative and insightful IAM and cybersecurity articles from September 2018. Enjoy!

How Identity Management Makes GDPR Compliance Easier via Idenhaus

The ability to properly control privacy data is becoming a minimum requirement for organizations to operate, public and private alike. Not only are there large financial penalties at stake, but there is also the risk of reputation loss.


Modern Authentication Methods and How They Enhance User Security  via TechTarget

A set of symbols is no longer a reliable way of securing personal data, and this has pushed companies to work on more advanced security methods.


How identity layering improves data flow  via CSO

Having a layered approach to designing an identity ecosystem does not mean you cannot have key components like a “data store”. However, it allows you the freedom to think of these components in a more creative way.


Browser Extensions: Are They Worth the Risk? via Krebs On Security

If you’re the type of person who uses multiple extensions, it may be wise to adopt a risk-based approach going forward.


Successfully Integrating HR Processes with Identity Management [WEBINAR] via Idenhaus

Unlike other areas of security, IAM focuses on provisioning and managing user permissions across a broad range of applications across the enterprise, which makes a successful IAM implementation profoundly impactful.



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