5 Must-Read IDM & Cybersecurity Articles, April 2016

April 6, 2016


This week's roundup of Identity Management and Cybersecurity news includes threat hunting links, how negligence affects cyber breach insurance, screenshots of insecure SCADA systems, and the dangers posed to your organization by human weakness.

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1. How to understand the human threat through identity management

Technology vulnerabilities are less of a security concern than human weakness, and managing the growing human threat vector comes down to one thing: identity. Read more >>


2. VNC Roulette Feasts On Insecure Industrial Control Systems

VNC Roulette is just the latest warning shot across the bows of industrial firms and the public sector: parading screen shots of remotely accessible but insecure SCADA systems for all to see. Read more >>


3. One in five employees would sell their work passwords, some for less than $1000

According to research done by SailPoint, one in five employees would sell their work passwords for money. In the report, 44 percent of those who responded affirmatively said that they would sell their credentials for less than $1000. Read more >>


4. Cyber Breach Insurance May Be Useless If You’re Negligent

Cyber breach insurer Columbia Casualty paid out $4.125 million. Now, the insurer is suing Cottage Health System, asking the health system to pay it back for the money it paid out to the class action members. Read more >>


5. Anton’s Favorite Threat Hunting Links

Effective threat hunting remains the domain of the well-resourced, super-security-mature, extra-skilled security 1%-ers. Anton Chuvakin shares the best resources on threat hunting in this post. Read more >>


Check out this great infographic by ISACA.



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Photo Credit: Angus Kingston

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