5 Must-Read Identity Management Articles, April 2016

April 20, 2016

This week's curated Identity Management & Cybersecurity News covers crippling ransomware, healthcare breaches, IAM challenges for industrial systems, new HIPAA protocol, and more.

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OK, panic—newly evolved ransomware is bad news for everyone

There's something inherently world-changing about the latest round of crypto-ransomware that has been hitting a wide range of organizations over the past few months. Read more >>

7 latest healthcare data breaches

Here are seven healthcare data breaches that occurred or were announced within the past month. Read more >>

OCR Releases New HIPAA Audit Protocol

Federal regulators have quietly released an updated protocol for use in phase two of HIPAA compliance audits of covered entities and business associates this year. Read more >>

Physical Security Meets OT

Whether from outside threats, like hackers or state sponsored actors, or inside threats, like human error, in an environment where companies are operating drills, electric grids, MRI’s or locomotives, unplanned downtime is simply not acceptable. Read more >>

As Mobile Dominates, Identity Management Faces New Demands

Identity and access management, a function that was once confined within the walls of the company’s data center to manage employees, mostly at their desks, is undergoing a complete transformation. Read more >>

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